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Winter Super Food Earthy 7-Grains & 5-Lentils with Vegetables Stew - Khichdi Video Recipe

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Wholesome goodness of 7-Grains, 5-Lentils & plenty of vegetables make this dish known as Khichdi (Stew) healthy, nutritious, single pot and winter super food! Totally plant based high in protein, fiber and more.
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TIP: Add/omit grains, lentils and vegetables as per your preference.
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Traditionally, Khichdi is made with one single popular grain -Rice and lentil like mung or tuvar daal but I thought of combining multiple grains and lentils to prepare extra healthy, nutritious Khichdi and it taste amazing as well.
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In this video, one can learn how to make your very own mixed whole grains, mixed lentils to use in recipes. I usually buy most ingredients from Indian grocery and whole food markets. These days, walmart also started offering healthy ingredients like whole grains.
NOTE: I noticed that dry corn kernels are hard so if you can't find dry corn seeds, just go ahead and add fresh or frozen corn while cooking.
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