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IP How to Sprout Legumes - Mixed Beans & Lentils Nori Nem Vadhu Food Video Recipe Bhavna's Kitchen

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Sprouted legumes are very versatile to use in recipes like salad, soup, sandwich, stew and more. These days, I have minimized the sprouting time almost half by using Instant pot Electric pressure cooker. The ideas is to provide warm, dark environment to speed up the process.
This particular recipe is prepared during Nori Nem Vrat Festival where I grew up but honestly, I love to eat this any day of the year. Simple, yet delicious and stomach filling.
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We all know that Sprouted grains and legumes are claimed to be higher in nutrients and more easily digestible than regular boiled varieties.
Some research even suggests that they may protect against certain types of disease and aid weight loss.
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The sprouting process releases dormant enzymes that make the beans more easily digestible and in some cases, even more nutritious. The sprouts that are easiest to grow are also commonly eaten raw: mung beans, alfalfa, lentils, chickpeas, and adzuki beans. Other beans such as fava, kidney, black, navy, and pinto beans—typically the larger beans—can also be sprouted with this method but are generally considered difficult to digest and potentially toxic in their raw form. They cook much faster than their unsprouted counterparts and are still more digestible. You can also sprout nuts, grains, and other seeds, but we won’t get into all that here.

To sprout and cook beans, soak the beans in water overnight. Drain thoroughly, then spread out in a colander or a berry basket and set on the counter to dry. Cover with a towel if needed. Rinse the beans 3-4 times a day for two to three days and drain thoroughly each time.
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