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Mantra for Completing Karma - Ik Du Jibau | DAY33 of 40 DAY SADHANA

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Mantra for Completing Karma - Ik Du Jibau | DAY33 of 40 DAY SADHANA

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Mantra for Completing Karma - Ik Du Jibau


Ik ḏū jībẖou lakẖ hohi lakẖ hovėh lakẖ vīs.

Lakẖ lakẖ geṛā ākẖī▫ahi ek nām jagḏīs.

Ėṯ rāhi paṯ pavṛīā cẖaṛīai hoe ikīs.

Suṇ galā ākās kī kītā ā▫ī rīs.

Nānak naḏrī pāīai kūṛī kūrhai ṯẖīs.


Karma – Action is the essence of life – In spiritual terms, Karma theory means that according to your actions, you’ll be rewarded or punished in life. It is Cause and Effect – behind every action/effect, there is a cause. Law of Cause & Effect says, “ Good deeds bring good results; Bad deeds bring bad results”. Your own deeds bring your own results. Every effect has a cause and a condition.
‘As you sow, so shall you reap’; It is impossible to plant a watermelon and get an apple; or plant a radish and get a carrot. Likewise, good results/effects or favorable fate can only come from a good cause/action. If a student studies hard, he‘ll get good grades-also it cannot be that you are exercising & someone else enjoys the benefit of good health.
If someone else drinks alcohol, do you receive the effects of being drunk? Then let us ask this question from ourselves__ Why do we blame others when we have to face some unfavorable circumstances?
When we are happy we accept this law gladly. When we suffer, the actions of someone else quickly become our target. We hold grudges and blame others which shows our ignorance about law of cause and effect. Rest assured that a seed you haven’t planted will never have any effect on you- Never in Life.
We perform countless deeds with our body & mind. These are the seeds which accumulate and create our fate. Mind is performing them most and so has the strongest power. My mind is causing these letters to appear on the screen as I type. You are reading this because your mind brought you to look into Meditative Mind – Mind is strongest though it is invisible.
All our actions are recorded invisibly & stored in this store house of mind/consciousness which become our karmic power. This karmic power flows through three worlds (Past, Present & Future) & in all directions-everywhere.
So let us do good deeds & imbibe good virtues in our character, speak sweet & good words from our mouth & be Happy forever.

Parts Video Background sourced via videezy.com
Meaning sourced via SikhDharma.org, Sikhwiki.org & Srigranth.org

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