Mantra for Success - Amul Gun | DAY27 of 40 DAY SADHANA


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Mantra for Success - Amul Gun | DAY27 of 40 DAY SADHANA

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Mantra for Success - Amul Gun


Amul guṇ amul vāpār.
Priceless are His Virtues, Priceless are His Dealings.

Amul vāpārīe amul bẖandār.
Priceless are His Dealers, Priceless are His Treasures.

Amul āvahi amul lai jāhi.
Priceless are those who come to Him, Priceless are those who buy from Him.

Amul bẖāe amulā samāhi.
Priceless is Love for Him, Priceless is absorption into Him.

Amul ḏẖaram amul ḏībāṇ.
Priceless is the Divine Law of Dharma, Priceless is the Divine Court of Justice.

Amul ṯul amul parvāṇ.
Priceless are the scales, priceless are the weights.

Amul bakẖsīs amul nīsāṇ.
Priceless are His Blessings, Priceless is His Banner and Insignia.

Amul karam amul furmāṇ.
Priceless is His Mercy, Priceless is His Royal Command.

Amulo amul ākẖiā na jāe.
Priceless, O Priceless beyond expression!

Ākẖ ākẖ rahe liv lāe.
Speak of Him continually, and remain absorbed in His Love.

Ākẖahi veḏ pāṯẖ purāṇ.
The Vedas and the Puraanas speak.

Ākẖahi paṛe karahi vakẖiāṇ.
The scholars speak and lecture.

Ākẖahi barme ākẖahi inḏ.
Brahma speaks, Indra speaks.

Ākẖahi gopī ṯai govinḏ.
The Gopis and Krishna speak.

Ākẖahi īsar ākẖahi siḏẖ.
Shiva speaks, the Siddhas speak.

Ākẖahi keṯe kīṯe buḏẖ.
The many created Buddhas speak.

Ākẖahi ḏānav ākẖahi ḏev.
The demons speak, the demi-gods speak.

Ākẖahi sur nar mun jan sev.
The spiritual warriors, the heavenly beings, the silent sages, the humble and serviceful speak.

Keṯe ākẖahi ākẖaṇ pāhi.
Many speak and try to describe Him.

Keṯe kahi kahi uṯẖ uṯẖ jāhi.
Many have spoken of Him over and over again, and have then arisen and departed.

Ėṯe kīṯe hor karehi.
If He were to create as many again as there already are,

Ŧā ākẖ na sakahi keī kee.
even then, they could not describe Him.

Jevad bẖāvai ṯevad hoe.
He is as Great as He wishes to be.

Nānak jāṇai sācẖā soe.
O Nanak, the True Lord knows.

Je ko ākẖai boluvigāṛ.
If anyone presumes to describe God,

Ŧā likī▫ai sir gāvārā gāvār.
he shall be known as the greatest fool of fools!


We all want success in life, yet it is not easy to define success. To most people ,it is achieving a goal within a specified period of time or making tons of money in business or being in power.
Success is a very personal & subjective term. It is one’s attitude towards life.
No worldly success is lasting-if you achieve one target, the next higher target is there in front of you. So this Success is a wild goose chase which brings only temporary happiness, temporary satisfaction.
So, dear friends, let’s each one of us sit , reflect,meditate & ask a few questions from ourselves….
What is Success for me? What is the purpose of my life? What do I really want? Do I really believe in & find happiness in what I do? Once we get the answers to these questions ,our every act will become Success-a Creation & we, each one of us will become the Creator; it will be no matter then whether we win or lose, whether we are awarded for our merits or not ,for the work itself becomes the reward & success becomes a journey, not a destination, we enjoy every work, we enjoy working with people whom otherwise we dislike because our mind ,our body, our thoughts ,our feelings, our Energies are all in one, focussed towards Work.
So the real success is working with a commitment ,dedication, love, kindness, contentment, patience & peace so that we play our part well on this earth & leave the World a better place to live in for our future generations.

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