Mantra for Self Control - Jat Pahara | DAY39 of 40 DAY SADHANA


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Mantra for Self Control - Jat Pahara | DAY39 of 40 DAY SADHANA

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Mantra for Self Control - Jat Pahara


Jaṯ pāhārā ḏẖīraj suniār.

Ahraṇ maṯ veḏ hathīār.

Bẖa▫o kẖalā agan ṯap ṯāo.

Bẖāʼndā bẖāo amriṯ ṯiṯ dẖāl.

Gẖaṛīai sabaḏ sacẖī taksāl.

Jin kao naḏar karam ṯin kār.

Nānak naḏrī naḏar nihāl.


As we move towards the end of these forty days of Sadhana,today’s mantra is about self control. ‘Nothing is impossible’ as we know,we have the power of gods,but nothing is also possible if there is no discipline-no self control.Look at Nature_days & nights,seasons,the Sun,the moon,the rivers,the ocean—all live in discipline;so discipline is the way of Nature,way of Life.In general course of life also,we see that we can’t always let our mind indulge in its own free will.Our mind has to be in our control & not we in the control of mind.Mind is our Power & mind is our weakness;the only difference is how we train our mind to take different situations,take decisions,make choices;when our mind is in control,it becomes our strength.

Now what is self control ?Self control is the state of our mind which does not let us swayed in all the worldly vices.When we have self-control,we don’t get angry over trifles.We don’t react; rather,we listen patiently to all.We have no enemy,no friend;all are equal in our eyes;no discriminating attitude;we lead a contented life;the worldly pleasures & riches don’t come in path of our spiritual journey.We are at peace with ourselves & others too.A self controlled person is brave,has no fear;he does not even fear death;as Sir Edward Dyer says,

“No worldly waves my mind can toss;

My state at one doth still remain:

I fear no foe, I fawn no friend;

I loathe not life, nor dread my end.”

So a self controlled person is happy & knows the art of living.He leads a hard working yet joyful & beautiful life,for he enjoys his work.

We can develop this virtue of self control by keeping a close watch on our mind for at least forty days because an action repeated for forty days becomes our habit. Soon, it’ll become our behaviour & finally a part of our character.But we have to exercise patience,will power & persistence.

Today’s mantra tells us to exercise self-control, as it leads us to self-realization.

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