Mantra for Prosperity - Bahuta Karam | DAY 26 of 40 DAY SADHANA


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Mantra for Prosperity - Bahuta Karam | DAY 26 of 40 DAY SADHANA
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Mantra for Prosperity - Bahuta Karam


Bahuṯā karam likẖi▫ā nā jā▫e.
His Blessings are so abundant that there can be no written account of them.

vadā ḏāṯā ṯil na ṯamā▫e.
The Great Giver does not hold back anything.

Keṯe mangahi joḏẖ apār.
There are so many great, heroic warriors begging at the Door of the Infinite Lord.

Keṯi▫ā gaṇaṯ nahī vīcẖār.
So many contemplate and dwell upon Him, that they cannot be counted.

Keṯe kẖap ṯutahi vekār.
So many waste away to death engaged in corruption.

Keṯe lai lai mukar pāhi.
So many take and take again, and then deny receiving.

Keṯe mūrakẖ kẖāhī kẖāhi.
So many foolish consumers keep on consuming.

Keṯi▫ā ḏūkẖ bẖūkẖ saḏ mār.
So many endure distress, deprivation and constant abuse.

Ėhi bẖė ḏāṯ ṯerī ḏāṯār.
Even these are Your Gifts, O Great Giver!

Banḏ kẖalāsī bẖāṇai ho▫e.
Liberation from bondage comes only by
Your Will.

Hor ākẖ na sakai ko▫e.
No one else has any say in this.

Je ko kẖā▫ik ākẖaṇ pā▫e.
If some fool should presume to say that he does,

Oh jāṇai jeṯī▫ā muhi kẖā▫e.
he shall learn, and feel the effects of his folly.

Āpe jāṇai āpe ḏe▫e.
He Himself knows, He Himself gives.

Ākẖahi sė bẖė ke▫ī ke▫e.
Few, very few are those who acknowledge this.

Jis no bakẖse sifaṯ sālāh.
One who is blessed to sing the Praises of the Lord,

Nānak pāṯisāhī pāṯisāhu.
O Nanak, is the king of kings.


Prosperity – Abundance – The very nature of Creation /Creator is abundant and prosperous – the countless stars, oceans, rivers, countless number of species, birds, animals & the human beings – each one of us- a human being is unique and different, blessed with unique features and qualities – look at our body and our mind and look at number of cells in our body and the atoms in the Universe, the number of seconds since the Big Bang – there is lot – The Universe is progressing, growing and prospering every moment. But the problem is our limited vision towards the unlimitedness & vastness of Creation. We have a narrow approach and we think small. We want prosperity in subjective & self-centered terms – If my brother/my friend has more money/wealth/position than me; I will say that he is prosperous than me.

We don’t understand and think ourselves as a part of the whole Creation – When the duality between I amness and You yourness -the duality between mine and your and I and you is removed & when the mind gets the wisdom and comes out of the duality, the light is lit – the Sun of prosperity comes out of the clouds of duality – Now, all are ‘One’; there is union & communion- all around all see in abundance, live in abundance & there is no distress and no deprivation – Everywhere, Every being, is Prosperous forever !

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