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50kg Biryani Making & Serving | Pressure Cooker Biryani | Indian Food Recipe

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This is one of the best biryani place in Nagpur that we found during our Nagpur street food tour. Place is called HKGN Biryani and caterers and they cook over 500kg of biryani everyday. They way the prepare the biryani is also interesting, they cook it in pressure cooker. First they mix the chicken with curd, masalas, garlic ginger paste and leave for 1 hour. The mixture then goes into the cooker as the base layer of the biryani, then on top they add half cooked rice with some milk and oil. The biryani is then cooked for 3 whistle and served hot.

Address : HKGN Biryani and Caterers, Mahatma Fule Bazar, Gandhibagh, Nagpur
भोजन - Food
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