Mantra for Protection - Aades Tisay Aades(II) | DAY30 of 40 DAY SADHANA


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Mantra for Protection - Aades Tisay Aades(II) | DAY30 of 40 DAY SADHANA

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Mantra for Protection - Aades Tisay Aades(I|)


Bẖugaṯ giān ḏaiā bẖandāraṇ gẖat gẖat vājėh nāḏ.

Āp nāth nāthī sabẖ jā kī riḏẖ siḏẖ avrā sāḏ.

Sanjog vijog ḏue kār cẖalāvėh lekẖe āvahi bẖāg.

Āḏes ṯisai āḏes.

Āḏ anīl anāḏ anāhaṯ jug jug eko ves.


Living life fully is an art which we need to learn. While moving in this world, most of the time, we are surrounded by people & other external influences which directly or indirectly keep on leaving their imprints on our mind to the extent that after a period of time, we are no more the true, real self with which we come into this world. William Wordsworth said, “Child is the father of man’, how ? because child is more connected to Mother Nature & to his/her own real, subtle, essential self. That is why, he/she lives in the present, in the now _ is truthful, is honest_that aura of all the basic virtues with which a human being is blessed with, can be seen in every child _ no fear, no arrogance. Nature’s true beauty and its freshness reflects in the all joyful _ ‘all smiles’ personality of a child. The child’s mind is under control _ so he/she is protected from negative influences.

Now what happens, as we grow_ our mind, which is blessed with all the powers & virtues of Nature / God, is polluted with negative thoughts & feelings.

Some people say that in order to be happy, be surrounded by people with positive energy _ This is very unrealistic and moreover external influences are not in our hands. Energy is Energy; it is neither positive nor negative, it depends how our mind processes that energy _ So, we need to train our mind in such a way that it itself becomes a Shield / a Protection against negative energies / influences.

Watch your thoughts like a watchman & don’t allow negative thoughts to control your mind _ whenever a negative thought comes to your mind, replace it with a noble & good thought _ Control is in your hands _ don’t give your control to anybody or any situation from outside.

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet”
Mahatma Gandhi

So, the only thing, we need to do is to shift the control from external & negative influences to our mind _ change our attitude from negativity to positivity _ Mind like a fluid is difficult to control, yet very small, careful steps can change the negative energy to positive one.

Keep smiling _ Laugh away the negative things & let them go_don’t hold on to the negative remarks or happenings _ Don’t discuss them again & again _ Clapping & skipping like children, dancing & above all, singing, chanting & meditation can help us live in present & exercise control on our mind.

Singing & chanting becomes our protection as it sends positive vibrations in our Throat Chakra & cleanse our mind of the negative thoughts_Meditation from our Root Chakra to Crown Chakra helps us regain positive energy & also transform negative energy to positive one.

This mantra says it all in very few words which are pregnant with positivity & power _ Let’s chant & meditate.

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