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Mantra for Peace - Aades Tisay Aades(iii) | DAY31 of 40 DAY SADHANA

Mantra for Peace - Aades Tisay Aades(iii) | DAY31 of 40 DAY SADHANA

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Mantra for Peace - Aades Tisay Aades(iii)


Ėkā māī jugaṯ viāī ṯin cẖele parvāṇ.

Ik sansārī ik bẖandārī ik lāe ḏībāṇ.

Jiv ṯis bẖāvai ṯivai cẖalāvai jiv hovai furmāṇ.

Oh vekẖai onā naḏar na āvai bahuṯā ehu vidāṇ.

Āḏes ṯisai āḏes.

Āḏ anīl anāḏ anāhaṯ jug jug eko ves.


"To her fair works did Nature link

The human soul that through me ran;

And much it grieved my heart to think

What man has made of man.”

In these lines,the great Nature Poet ,William Wordsworth laments over the condition of the human beings.He also points out that the man himself is responsible for this plight of man because he, in his ignorance & strife for worldly materials,has forgotten Peace -the Deep Inner Peace,the love for all beings, contentment, truth,humility -the basic virtues bestowed on man by Divine Mother Nature.The result is the inner strife within each one of us leading to all sorts of diseases like Stress, Hyper-tension, Diabetes,Obesity,Heart problem,all neurological problems,insomnia,asthma etc & the strife in the world outside,where we have seen wars to establish Peace, terrorist attacks, killings of innocent people.Truly,Wordsworth has reason to lament & so have we ,for each one of us - we all -want Peace.We are born to be peaceful & peace loving.

Now where to find Peace? Will anybody come & serve us Peace on a platter?

Actually, Peace is nothing which is going to come from outside.”We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”says Dalai Lama

It is very much there deep within us ;but our eyes blinded by ego, greed & anger can’t see it.Now we need to dig this well deep to find it out ,enter into inner dialogue with it & establish it in our body,mind,thoughts,feelings & actions & then only can we establish it in the world outside i.e. our family, in our neighbourhood, in our locality,in our city,in our country &in the whole world .You and I create the world by the vibrations that we offer to it. If we are at peace, we will see how peace expands from one to two persons, and gradually to the world at large. If you have peace, I have peace, he has peace, and she has peace, then automatically universal peace will dawn.

Peace is Love,Peace is internal quietness, it is Tranquility;it provides us power & perception to think in the right perspective without being biased by any outside influence,it is Emotional Intelligence-it is the art of living & letting others live.A peaceful person is forgiving,full of compassion & gratitude ; humble & always Happy.He is full of eternal & ethereal Joy & he spreads joy all around .He/she is beautiful.So let us be peaceful & be beautiful by chanting this mantra which,in such a subtle way,describes these ideas

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Meaning sourced via SikhDharma.org, Sikhwiki.org & Srigranth.org

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