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Mantra Meditation for Peace of Mind and Bliss Filled Life

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Mantra Meditation for Peace of Mind and Bliss Filled Life. Peace comes from a place when we stop controlling things, people and circumstances. when we realise that we are not here to mould things according to our wishes, but to enjoy this life as it is. enjoying and living in the moment and realising that we are all one, and part of that infinite force, infinite creative energy. and the one who has plan for our lives and thats all we all need to know. Hope this mantra meditation will help you. Many Blessings!!

Complete Mantra and its Meaning.

Ŧū merā piṯā ṯūhai merā māṯā.
You are my Father, and You are my Mother.

Ŧū mere jī▫a parān sukẖ▫ḏāṯa.
You are my Soul, my Breath of Life, the Giver of Peace.

Ŧū merā ṯẖākur ha▫o ḏās ṯerā.
You are my Lord and Master; I am Your slave.

Ŧujẖ bin avar nahī ko merā.
Without You, I have no one at all.

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ध्यान - Meditation
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