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Chicken cheese wrap is a delicious dish that can be made easily at home. Here, I share the cheese chicken wrap recipe, made from scratch. These wraps are full of flavours and the crunchy veggies and mayonnaise dressing gives the distinct taste.
First, the chicken breast was marinated with the aromatic spices and I grilled them on the pan. And I also include the recipe of homemade tortilla. So if you have the flour, you are all set go for the recipe. I used onion, tomato, cilantro and cucumber for the salad to load inside the tortillas with grilled chicken. You can also try different vegetables depends on your taste and availability. Mayonnaise dressing used here to avoid the dryness and gives juicy creamy taste to your chicken wrap. Use any processed cheese of your choice.
However this recipe is almost similar to arabic shawarma and other chicken rolls and wraps, this simple chicken wrap is easy to prepare and tastes great.
This chicken wrap is a healthy and tasty recipe that can be made easily at home. I can't wait for you guys to give the amazing chicken warp a try. The flavourful chicken, creamy dressing and cheese are loaded inside the tortillas make this dish a perfect meal. Try and share your thoughts.

Let's see how to make chicken cheese wraps,


Flour 1 Cup
Oil 1 Tbsp

Chicken Marinade:
Chicken 500 grams
Chili powder 1 Tsp
Garam masala 1 Tsp
Lemon juice (From half lemon)
Ginger& Garlic paste 1 Tbsp
Curd 1 Tbsp
Turmeric powder 1/2 Tsp
Oil for grilling

Onion (Chopped)
Tomato (Chopped)
Cucumber (Chopped)
Coriander leaves (Chopped)

Cheese (As needed)
Butter 1 Tbsp

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