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TAMIL: The Best Body Weight Exercises for Weight loss - 6

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Learn the best body weight exercises, including burpees, lunges and pushups. These total body exercises can be done at home to lose weight!
Best body weight exercises
Burpee body weight
For the burpee body weight exercises, the starting position is a pushup position. Go all the way down and push up.
Bring both legs forward and jump. Land soft, go back again and do a pushup. Jump forward and go high.
Spider pushup
Keep your hands wider than the shoulder level. Go all the way down. Bring your knee to the elbow and back again. Again, go all the way down. Make sure you squeeze your obliques while doing the spider pushups.
Jump lunges
To begin the jump lunges, keep one leg forward and the other backward. Start with a lunge position.
Go all the way down, switch and land softly while doing the jump lunges.
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