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Herbal Khichadi Video Recipe | Herbed & Spiced Rice Lentil Stew Bhavna's Kitchen

To indians it is khichdi (Kitcheree), the food many of us turn to when illness calls and we need something warm, light and restorative. However, there's more to the khichdi than just mung and rice. Using a range of herbs and spices, Ayurveda devises khichdi recipes that can heal various diseases.
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Khichdi is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe which has been part of diet since ages.It is easy to digest and helps the body to detoxify. I believe, you all must have heard about Khichri especially when someone in your family got ill or when someone was recovering from an illness.
Kitchari is a nourishing and cleansing meal that's easy to make and tastes delicious.
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