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I use pot-in-pot method ti cook chickpeas and brown rice together in my instant pot. A balanced meal is a snapshot of a diet that covers the three core food groups. As seen on this portion plate, the balance is a quarter proteins, a quarter carbohydrates and half vegetables and of course other nutrients like calcium, Iron, Potassium.
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In this episode, I am sharing how easily one can craft the healthy plate by choosing one kind of legumes (I am using Black chickpeas), grains (I opted for brown rice) and vegetables(I choose to go with greens) but there are several choices for legumes, grains and vegetables. I use dairy yogurt but replace with non dairy yogurt for vegan plant based meal.
The eleven components assessed by the Alternate Healthy Eating Index were dairy products; vegetables; fruit; nuts & seeds; bread/grains; meat, poultry & fish; cholesterol; fat; sodium; alcohol; and multivitamins. So the ideas is to incorporate all the colors and various ingredients in daily meals.
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