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Love By Chance - Episode 3 Promo - bindass (Official)

This week on Love By Chance watch Jigness and Hetal's love story. It all happens when Jigness who is a NRI visits his hometown in Baroda after 10 long years. He arrives on the eve of Navratri and the entire area is going bezerk, prepping themselves for Dandiya nights. His cousins are going crazy, with costumes and plans for the night. He's initially reluctant to go to the Dandiya Nights. But after his cousins insist, he agrees to come along with his camera. The first night at the Pandal, he runs into this girl (Hetal) who is totally put off by the NRI thing. She completely sees through him. And then the boy takes it upon himself to dance well as he decides to join Garba coaching classes in the area. And so starts the journey of 9 days of Dandiya as a two left footed guy learns how to dance, gets closer to the girl, she introduces him to her garba crazy friends, gives him a make over and falls in love with him as he struggles to cope. but there is only one problem. Dandiya King Ojas has already given his propose to Hetal. And when the stakes are that high, there is only one way to win the girl... Dandiya fight at Dandiya nights!

Stay tuned to Love By Chance on Bindass @ 7 PM this Saturday to know who finally takes Hetal's heart.

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