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Love By Chance - Episode 31 Official Promo - bindass

Love By Chance - Episode 31 Synopsis:
Heli is a Gujrati girl from Baroda who is a fan of Virus (a popular television celebrity) and his reality show ‘Love Shove te Dating’. Heli is crazy, nutty and very much in awe of Virus and has been watching the show since she was a teenager. This show has been on air for 10 seasons and Heli remembers each and everything that Virus has ever said on the show. For the first time ever Virus and the show are coming to Baroda and Heli has a chance to audition for the show but she doesn’t want to find love, she just wants to meet her idol and crush - Virus. During the auditions she meets Luv who is a crazy fan too but in quite the opposite way... he believes that he understands everything about the show and the 'Masala' for TRPS and this 'know it all' attitude irritates Virus to no end. In a quick twist, Virus ends up casting Heli and Luv on the show hoping to teach Luv a lesson for being so cheeky. He tries to manipulate Heli to embarrass Luv but in the meanwhile Heli and Luv's friendship evolves and becomes much more and then Heli realizes that she is over her infatuation for Virus and actually loves Luv and all his eccentricities.
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'Love By Chance' Hai Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai!
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