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Love By Chance - Episode 27 Synopsis:
Sunder, the quintessential jugaadu, who solves essentially every problem in the students life in his college. He doesn’t believe in the word impossible, and never gives up or escapes a situation. He and his partner in crime, Ramnik keep on solving these kind of problems and they charge a fee for this service.
In comes a girl, Monika, who wants their help in getting rid of her boyfriend. She asks them to find proof whether her boyfriend is cheating on her. While spying on him they find that her boyfriend Ajit is the son of dreaded gangster Surya dada and is always surrounded by four musclemen.
When they come to know that he belongs to a gangster family Ramnik wants to back out but he doesn’t give up as by now he has already started feeling for the girl. He wants to win her heart as there are so many similarities between them
Despite of them trying, Ajit turned out to be innocent and they realized that Monika is not in love with him and is looking for a way to get rid of him. They try to frame Ajit by getting him seduced by another girl, but eventually they get exposed and Ajit threaten to beat him.
Monika comes to his rescue and helps him by informing Ajits weaknesses and in a dramatic climax they teach him a lesson. Ajit realizes his mistakes and let them be. Our couple realize their love for each other
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'Love By Chance' Hai Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai!
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