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Open Third Eye Chakra | Meditation Music | Chakra Awakening Healing Calm Meditation Music

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Powerful Meditation Music to Open Third Eye Chakra | 1 Hour

As we are wrapping up our Chakra Meditation Month, We would like to share as much music as we made. Here is one for Third Eye Chakra. The Music has been designed using the solfeggio frequency associated with Third Eye Chakra and other Harmonics.

Third Eye Chakra is the 6th Chakra and is responsible to what we refer to as "the sixth sense". The Chakra connects us to our internal intuitions and is responsible for the sharp senses, the ability to read the future and receive non-verbal messages. Through the Third Eye we communicate with the world and can even receive messages from the past and from the future. It grants us our sense of observation.

Meditating on Third Eye Chakra helps balancing this Chakra and we experience high mental ability, we are able to separate between reality and imagination and best combine logic and emotion. When we live with a balanced Third Eye chakra, we experience overall good health, clear thinking and focus. A healthy third eye chakra will encourage intuition, empathy of others and build trust in oneself.

The color of this Chakra is Purple.
ध्यान - Meditation
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