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Kaju Karela Shakkarkand Sabji Video Recipe | Bitter Melon & Sweet Potato Stir Fry Bhavna's Kitchen

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Today I am going to share the recipe of kaju karela with Shakkarkand, a unique sabzi made with cashew nuts and bitter gourds with naturally sweetened sweet potato and raisins. It is a semi dry dish, sweet, spicy and little crunchy.
Bitter Gourd is not one of the favourite vegetable of most people due to it's bitter taste. But it offers some medicinal properties that are not found in any other vegetable. The key with Bitter Gourd is always the preparation.
Optional but helpful step to prepare Karela: Sprinkling some salt to karela makes it soft and becomes easy to remove seeds. With help of hand by pressing remove the seeds from karela. Now wash the karela 3-4 times with water. Washing the karela in water will remove the bitter juice and extra salt from karela pieces.
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