Icing on the cake ( Idiom) - English Vocabulary Lesson # 125 - Free English speaking lesson


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Icing on the cake ( Idiom) - English Vocabulary Lesson # 125 - Free English speaking lesson

When good things happen, and they are followed by something better, you feel extremely thrilled. It feels like you have gotten a bonus.

The idiom 'icing the cake' means something good is added to good that already exists or something bad is added to bad, making it even worse.
Cake is good and you should be happy with just the cake. But if you get icing on the cake, that makes it much better.
When something is said to be "the icing on the cake", it generally refers to a great bonus or added benefit, that makes the already-obtained outcome, arrangement, or deal a whole lot better or nicer.
This idiom can be used in the negative sense too. When one bad thing happens, and another bad thing happens on top of it, the second thing is the icing on the cake.

For example, you have been accepted by a university in which you wanted to pursue your higher education; this by itself is good news. Along with this, if they offer you to be a part of the basketball team, then this is the icing on the cake.

Example 01: Going down on his knees to propose marriage to Kathy was the icing on the cake.

Example 02: Receiving the 'Best Student Award' from her favorite professor was the icing on the cake.

Example 03: The young couple got a fully furnished house in their budget. It was icing on the cake!

Example 04: An efficient customer support service team is the icing on the cake for all organizations.

Example 05: The icing on the cake this Christmas was when Mrs. Anderson received a gift voucher from her son's first pay check.

Example 06: Getting a salary raise along with being promoted to the head of department was the icing on the cake that left Marc feeling very thrilled.

Example 07: William missed his bus to work. Waiting for the next bus that was delayed, was the icing on the cake.

Example 08: Working with a secretary who is not only intelligent, but also beautiful is an icing on the cake.

Example 09: After losing her father, Amy lost her job which was an icing on the cake that led to her depression.

Example 10: Being bullied after a fight with her friends was the icing on the cake that made Amanda very sad.

When was the last time that you experienced icing on the cake?

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