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Celtic Meditation Music for Root Chakra Healing [ Muladhara ]

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Celtic Meditation Music for Root Chakra Healing [ Muladhara ]

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ROOT CHAKRA / Also known as the 1st or Root Chakra, the Muladhara (sometimes spelled as mooladhara) is considered by many to be the most important Chakra as this is the Fundamental (or Mool) Chakra. Without Balancing it, now matter how hard we try, higher chakras can not be healed / unblocked. Located at the base of our spine, it is the root chakra that governs over our physical energies, giving us a sense of safety and security with other people and ourselves.

CELTIC MEDITATION MUSIC for CHAKRA HEALING / This new series of Chakra Meditation and Healing Music , features sounds with Carefully chosen frequencies which are known to simulate and balance Chakras. This track for Root Chakra or Muladhara Features music with root note at 256Hz. And other Resonating and Image frequencies.

TIMING YOUR MEDITATION / After every 15 mins, you will hear a peaceful bell. This bell serves 2 purposes. One is the healing part, as the frequency of this bell is also 256Hz. Second, it serves as a timer, if you would like to meditate for lesser than 1 hour. Bell occurs as 00:00, 15:00. 30:00, 45:00, 1:00:00

SYMPTOMS OF HEALING / When the Root Chakra is Balanced and unblocked, you will feel full of energy throughout the day. You will live in present, and worry, anxiety and fear will not accompany you. You will feel financially secure. and physically very active.

OTHER RECOMMENDED PRACTICES / Here are few other things you should do for healing Root Chakra
-- Chanting LAM - the Seed Mantra of Root Chakra. Here is a track to help you out. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOiuoRrZRwQ
-- Physical Activity, Going out in Nature and connecting with mother earth. Walking Barefoot on the grass, on the beach. Root Chakra's Element is Earth.
-- Eating Red Veggies and Fruits. Red Carrots, Apple, Pomegranate, Red pepper, Tomato
-- Wearing Red clothes and crystals like Red Ruby

JOIN THE MEDITATIVE MIND SANGHA / We all have that special gift, we all have come from that infinite source and we all are connected. Meditation is a way for us to become conscious of that connection, that oneness. It is our Mission at Meditative Mind to bring more peace and mindfulness in people's lives through Music for Meditation, Chakra Healing Music, Mantra Meditation and Chanting. Come Join us, Meditate More, Help Others and Live More Fully. Subscribe to Join http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheMeditativeMind

/ Remember to Breathe fully and naturally. / Cultivate Mindfulness. / Enjoy the Journey / Smile /
/ Blessings & Peace /

FREE DOWNLOAD / Special collection of beautifully engineered Cosmic Chants for 7 Chakras ideal for your Meditation Practice as a gift from our side. Link Below http://www.meditativemind.org/special-gift/

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CREDITS / Composition & Music : Dilpreet Bhatia
ध्यान - Meditation
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