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Bandh Darwaza Part 5 | Satish Kaul, Aruna Irani, Manjeet Kulkar, Kunika, Raza Murad

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The movie story is about Neola, a Dracula-like vampire he sleeps in a coffin by day, and transforms into a bat at night to hunt humans from the neighboring villages. He craves a steady supply of human blood, and a supply of fresh young women. Neola is assisted by a ragtag bunch of servants who lure innocent humans to Kali Pahari so Neola may easily prey on them. His servants include Mahua, Mahaguru, a tantrik and various other henchmen that provide muscle for his evil deeds. Mahua is employed as a maid in the household of a righteous Thakur Pratap. The Thakur spots her speaking with Baku one evening. Knowing of Baku's association with the evils of Kali Pahari, the Thakur threatens to fire Mahua if she is ever caught with any of the gang again. Mahua, however, is under orders to source a new maiden for Neola. The upright Thakur is wealthy, well liked and happy, except for the fact that his wife Lajo is unable to have children. The local temple priest reassures her, but she is deeply perturbed when the Thakur's mausi arrives and urges him, citing the necessity of progeny, to consider marrying again. Mahua moves in. She promises Lajo will bear children if Lajo will agree to come to Kali Pahari, on the condition that the first child will be handed over to Mahua. Lajo refuses at first, but Mahua prevails over Lajo's vulnerability and Lajo accepts the deal. Accordingly, she goes to Kali Pahari, is bedded by Neola, and immediately thereafter gives birth to a daughter Kamia. But when Mahua claims the child, Lajo naturally refuses point-blank and drives her away. Mahua poisons Lajo. The Thakur fires her immediately, but Lajo succumbs to the poison. Enraged, the Thakur enters Kali Pahari and, after a long fight, is able to drive a magic stake through Neola to put him down. Gravely wounded, Neola staggers back to his coffin deep within the caves and lays within it to rest and recover.
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