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Amrit Part 10 | Rajesh Khanna, Smita Patil, Aruna Irani, Satish Shah

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Amrit (Rajesh Khanna) stays with his only son and meanwhile Kamla (Smita Patil) a widow stays with her only son at Kamal Niwas. But Kamla is treated as servant in her own house and the only person who loves her in the house is her granddaughter Sunita. Amrit has the habit of taking his grandson to the nearby garden when his grandson is free from studies. Amrit learns about Kamla’s problems due to him meeting her coincidentally quite regularly in the garden. Amrit and Kamla meet up to develop a good relationship. One fine day Kamla gets late to pick up her granddaughter Sunita from the school, as the auto rickshaw she was travelling to reach school, meets with an accident. Amrit, meanwhile goes to pick up his grandson Rahul, comes to know of this and brings Sunita to her house. Amrit sees Kamla being humiliated by her daughter-in-law when he goes to their house to nurse Kamla’s injury. Amrit decides to donate some money to Brahmins on the occasion of his son’s birthday but he does not have money and so asks his son to give him few bucks. amrit and kamla watch tv with sunita and rahul upon this amrit sons get angry and humiliate them, his son throws him out of the house permanently. In the torrential rains, the hurt Amrit meets with the accident. Kamla, then with help of like minded people, admits Amrit in a hospital. The rest of the story is about how Amrit and Kamla decide to separate from their respective selfish children and spend the rest part of life together and how society perceives their togetherness.
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