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An Idea Never Fails | Mahatria on Entrepreneurship

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Every idea contains within it the spark to fuel change in the world. It's up to us, however, to steer that idea into the right avenues, giving it wings to fly as a successful business model. Any idea can be the next thing, but it takes a shrewd business mind to convert it into a success story. Watch as Mahatria explains the innate potential of ideas with contemporary examples.

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An idea never fails, Mahatria says. Only the business model that is used to implement that idea fails. This is why you should never give up on an idea.

Climbing stairs, taking care of an agricultural field, carrying heavy loads from one point to another or simply walking long distances was a way to ensure health. Someone capitalized on that idea and today, it is a multi-billion-dollar fitness industry.

In the earlier days, people went to each other’s homes to enjoy a variety in food. Friends would go to a South Indian’s house to eat idli-dosa or go to a Gujarati household to have dhokla. This created a sense of society. Someone identified a business idea in that and sowed the seeds of the food and beverage industry.

Entertainment began as a means to express individual talent. If a person could sing or dance, they would get together a group of people and stage a performance at the street corner. Today, that too is a business. Even spirituality is a business.

Challenge the Model
Every idea has the capacity to generate money, Mahatria says. The flaw, most often, is in the business model. If you adopt the strategy of the rest of the world, your results will also be similar.

If there needs to be a deviation, then the route should also be different. You have to change the way you think. There are no small ideas, only small business models, Mahatria reiterates.
If you want your idea to generate a lot of money and success, redefine the model with which you want to implement it.

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