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NĀDA : DAY 10 | 396Hz | Let Go of Fear & Guilt | 30 Days of Sound Healing | Activate Lower Chakras

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Welcome to Day 10 of 30 Day Sound Healing Journey.
Today's frequency vibration is 396Hz . The red energy vibrations. It is the frequency which resonates with lower chakras, especially root chakra. It helps in letting go of fear and guilt. When you meditate along with this session, breathe in deep below your navel. Feel that red energy, any tension in the region. And as you breathe out, release that tension. It really helps if you visualize these lumps of tension in the body as knots. As you breathe out, you are gently opening these knots, freeing yourself from any trapped tension & energy blockages. Do this exercise for atleast 11-15 mins and see how it goes.

If you would like to play this track longer or in sleep-mode, you can do so in our app, with Auto-Loop* feature. Also, entire series can be streamed without interruptions and ads for free in the app. https://meditativemind.page.link/mmapp

We hope today's track will help you in a positive way.
Do let us know how did it go in the comments below.

Music in this track : This soundscape has been designed using Hang Drums, tibetan singing bowls, reverbed flutes, and some experimental sounds, such as beads on the hang drum to create ocean effect. Recorded and Produced in Meditative Mind Studios.

Visuals : Visuals are designed in Meditative Mind Studios, in Blender and Aftereffects.

Audio, Music and Visual are copyright of Meditative Mind.
ⓒ ℗ 2009 - 2023 Meditative Mind®. All Rights Reserved.
Audio & Video for personal use only. Copying, re-uploading, sampling etc not permitted.

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ध्यान - Meditation
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