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Meet Jalebi | Brand New Disney Show: Simple Samosa | In English | Disney India

Jalebi is the intelligent and level headed one, she’s the first to call Samosa out when he starts off with one of his famous stories! Jalebi is a loyal friend, but her sweetness should never be mistaken for weakness, because if anybody messes with her friends, Jalebi will stand up to them!
Get ready for this brand new show on Disney Channel starting on May 14 at 12:30 pm!
About Simple Samosa:
The four friends, Simple Samosa, Dhokla, Jalebi and Vada enjoy their life and times together, with Samosa usually telling them a story, Vadu intently and excitedly listening and Dhokla and Jalebi constantly seeing through his exaggerated details! Many citizens of Chatpata Nagar often look to the four friends when the town is in trouble. Together they explore, play, and have all kinds of food-filled adventures in the wonderful world of Chatpata Nagar, where unexpected things happen!
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बच्चा - Child
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