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Heal ALL 7 CHAKRAS in 109 Mins Flat (Full Series in One Video)

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Nothing is more powerful than the vibration of human voice. In this new Chakra Chanting Meditation Series, we use Chakra Seed Mantras to Balance and Heal All 7 Chakras.

More versions (1hr, 30mins, lower & higher chakra versions) are available in the app : https://meditativemind.org/app

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When you chant, your own vibrations do the healing. Each chakra seed / 'Bij' mantra is chanted 51 Times, Experience it Yourself. Chant along with this video, and while chanting keep focus on the Chakra center. If you would like 108 Times version of Each Chakra, individual links are below.

Root Chakra - Located at the base of Spine - Seed Mantra LAM (LUM) - 108 Times Version - https://youtu.be/sm3fxmynpQM

Sacral Chakra - Located below the navel near perineum - Seed Mantra VAM (VUM) - 108 Times Version - https://youtu.be/S0JkNsBVHR4

Solar Plexus Chakra - Located near the navel - Seed Mantra RAM (RUM) - 108 Times Version - https://youtu.be/-fo7JAxdDaY

Heart Chakra - Located at the center of the chest - Seed Mantra YAM (YUM) - 108 Times Version - https://youtu.be/-yhtU3Pc5E0

Throat Chakra - Located at the center of throat - Seed Mantra HAM (HUM) - 108 Times Version - https://youtu.be/CE3RfHwAr0Q

Third Eye Chakra - Located in between your eye brows - Seed Mantra OM Chants - 108 Times Version - https://youtu.be/-qYDBIPSbIE

Crown Chakra - Located at the Top of the Head - Seed Mantra AH or Silent AH Chants - 108 Times Version - https://youtu.be/XHH4zCiLBw4

Music & Vocals : @Dilpreet Bhatia
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