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Hau Vaari Mukh Fer Pyaare by Bhai Amandeep Singhji | Gurbani Shabad Kirtan | Bhagat Kabeer Ji

Listen & sing along to beautiful recitation of Punjabi Gurbani Shabad Kirtan "Hau Vaari Mukh Fer Pyaare" by Bhai Amandeep Singhji. This Shabad is given to us by Bhagat Kabeer Ji.
Lyrics In English:
Karavath Bhalaa N Karavatt Thaeree |
Laag Galae Sun Binathee Maeree |1|
Hau Vaari Mukh Fer Pyaare |
Karavatt Dhae Mo Ko Kaahae Ko Maarae |1| Rehaao |
Jo Than Cheerehi Ang N Moro |
Pindd Parai Tho Preeth N Thoro |2|
Ham Thum Beech Bhaeiou Nehee Koee |
Thumehi S Kanth Naar Ham Soee |3|
Kehath Kabeer Sunahu Rae Loee |
Ab Thumaree Paratheeth N Hoee |4|2|35|
Translation In English:
I Would Rather Be Cut Apart By A Saw, Than Have You Turn Your Back On Me.
Hug Me Close, And Listen To My Prayer. ||1||
I Am A Sacrifice To You - Please, Turn Your Face To Me, O Beloved Lord.
Why Have You Turned Your Back To Me? Why Have You Killed Me? ||1||Pause||
Even If You Cut My Body Apart, I Shall Not Pull My Limbs Away From You.
Even If My Body Falls, I Shall Not Break My Bonds Of Love With You. ||2||
Between You And I, There Is No Other.
You Are The Husband Lord, And I Am The Soul-Bride. ||3||
Says Kabeer, Listen, O People:
Now, I Place No Reliance In You. ||4||2||35||
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