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Exciting Announcement....A small GIFT for all my FANS!

Only few hours left for free sign up on Vessel so please hurry and don't be left out for this great opportunity.
Hello Friends,
I am so thankful to each and everyone who visit my channel regularly and today I would like to give one small gift to all of you. Now, you can join me on Vessel at to watch my videos almost a week before I post them on YouTube.
Vessel is launched by the founder of Hulu and it is fairly new but fast growing video service platform and you will love to watch videos on Vessel.
You must have question why vessel? Here are some my thoughts:
Watch your favorite content first there.
Less cluttered unlike YouTube since Vessel hand picked only the best video creators.
No long Ads so why not try while it's free!
and I am sure you will love lot of other things about Vessel.
Being a fan of Bhavna's Kitchen, you get FREE ONE YEAR access on VESSEL video service platfrom without any credit card, no need to remember to cancel the subscription but lot more to enjoy for free.
You can already watch my latest videos up there that I haven't posted on YouTube yet.
See you there!
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