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Easy English Words that are always Mispronounced | Learn English Pronunciation with Niharika

Easy English Words that are always Mispronounced - Improve English Pronunciation - Speak Fluent English
We often mispronounce easy words in English, as the pronunciation of these words id different in your native language. These mistakes are even made by native English speakers, as the pronunciation is different for American English, British English and Australian English. Your English accent also counts while pronouncing these simple English vocabulary. Watch this English pronunciation lesson with your English Teacher Niharika and Improve your English pronunciation, once and for all, so that you don't make these common English pronunciation mistakes and speak fluent English like native Speakers. You are watching this English lesson on Let’s Talk English speaking Institute, our effort is to make learning english fun and easy. We have lessons ranging from English Grammar rules, Advanced English vocabulary, American English Phrases, British English, Accent Training, Lessons for IELTS and much more to make your English better. You could join our English speaking course in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai for personalised English lesson plans.
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