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Dilwala Khiladi Returns (2019) Telugu Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Jr. NTR, Priyamani

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Raja, an orphan boy, is a thief. Mahi, young girl, falls in love with him. Raja manipulates her by gaining her sympathy. She gives him a necklace, which he throws away because it is worthless; however, it always comes back to him. Ten years later, Mahi's family treats her like a slave while they enjoy the money her grandfather left behind. Mahi waits for her "prince" to come rescue her. Raja is still a conman, but when he enters into debt of Dhanalakshmi, a pretty not-so-innocent lender, he flees. Meanwhile, Mahi's family want Mahi out of the way so they can inherit all of her money. They hire someone to kill her, only to find out that in the event of Mahi's death, all the money goes to charity. Raja reaches Yamaloka. He creates confusion in Yamaloka by stealing the Yamapasam since one in possession of Yamapasam becomes the King of Hell. Raja promises festivals and parties and to make Hell better than Heaven. Yama contests his claim. Narada enters the scene and proposes an election. Both Yama and Raja agree. Yama, along with Chitragupta, tries to get the Yamapasam, but fails. Raja wins the elections; however, Yama angrily calls him a human. Raja decides to use the Yamapasam to make Yama a human; however, the plan backfires when Yama ends up with the Yamapasam. After regaining power, Yama sends Raja back to earth. Raja finds out the cruelty that Mahi has suffered and decides to fight back against her cruel family. Raja steals a whip and thrashes her family with it, forcing them to become servants. Raja gets drunk and insults Yama again. This time, Yama decides that he and Chitragupta will enter Bhulokam (Earth). Yama disguises himself as Dhanalakshmi, and Chitragupta acts like her father. Yama attempts to create havoc in Raja's life. Raja finds out that Yama is on earth and decides to cleverly fight back. Soon, Raja finds himself fighting against the people who originally killed him. Yama sends his death whip after him and Raja tries to run from it. Soon, Raja and Yama meet face to face in an abandoned temple. Yama is there to collect Raja's soul. Raja begs for a few more minutes of life and apologizes to Yama for his sins and all he has said and done. Yama becomes sympathetic, but regretfully informs him that he cannot call back the death whip. Raja fights his enemies and is close to death, when suddenly, the chain that followed him his whole life was revealed to have been blessed by Lord Vishnu himself, and it saves Raja's life. Raja and Mahi decide to live together and get married. The movie ends with Yama being caught by his wife.
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