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Aloo Paratha Indian Street Food | Haridwar Uttarakhand | Indian Food Cooking Video-5

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Aloo Paratha is a very Popular Stuffed Indian Flate Bread which is available almost in the entire world. In Indian Cuisine Flate Bread is a very important dish which is needed almost thrice a day for almost every Indian.
List of Indian Flate Breads.
1. Aloo Paratha.
2. Onion Paratha.
3. Methi or Genugreek Paratha.
4. Palak Paratha.
5. Paneer Paratha.
6. Mutter Paratha.
7. Mix Dal Paratha.
8. Egg Paratha.
9. Mint Paratha.
10. Bhindi Paratha.
11. Gobi Paratha.
12. Mooli Ke Parathe.
13.Jeera Paratha.
13. Plain Oil Paratha.
14. Butter Paratha.
15. Maski Paratha.
16. Apple & Cheese Paratha.
17. Cheese Paratha.
18.Kela Paratha.(Banana).
19.Khoya Paratha.
20. Karela Paratha.
21. Tamator Paratha.(Tomatoes).
22.Tandoori Paratha.
23.Lachha Paratha. Food & Travel Network. Indian Recipes.
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