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Akshay Kumar & Parineeti Chopra EXCLUSIVE On Kesari, Deepika, Karan Johar, John & Priyanka

Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama’s Faridoon Shahryar talk about their film #Kesari. Parineeti Chopra says that she is proud to be a part of this film and that she realized on the set of the film that what kind of actor she wants to be. She also tells how Akshay Kumar impacted her. While Akshay Kumar says that he wants all parents to take their children to cinema halls to show them #Kesari because it teaches how to be a human. Parineeti Chopra says that this film has only been a learning experience for her and that she is greedy for more after Kesari. They talk about the importance of waking up early in the morning and tell its benefits. #AkshayKumar also reveals the secret behind his continuous success at the box office.
They also play an epic and interesting quiz - How well do you know Bollywood Period Dramas? Akshay's experience and Parineeti's brilliance make for an entertaining quiz. Don't Miss!
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