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8 Worst Body language mistakes that turn people off| Tips for non-verbal communication skills

8 Worst Body language mistakes that turn people off| Tips for non-verbal communication skills.
Hey English learners, this video comes as a surprise for you. It’s not another English lesson by Niharika. In this video learn about the worst body language mistakes that turn people off, maybe you are making these non-verbal communication mistakes unknowingly, but that put up a bad impression in public speaking. Watch the video carefully as Niharika demonstrates the correct body language training to avoid mistakes with your non-verbal communications skills. Even when you are learning to speak English fluently, why not correct your body language while speaking English to sound more confident in your English conversations. The broad topics covered in this videos are Eye contact, hand shake, slouching, folded arms & the message they convey, frowning & scowling, Invading others privacy and space, fidgeting, Glancing at the clock. We hope these tips for body language and communication skills would help you develop a good impression and would not turn people off when they interact with you.
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