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777Hz | Angelic Healing | Infinite Abundance Frequency | NĀDA : DAY 22

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Today's frequency is 777Hz. The angelic frequency of infinite abundance, luck and positivity. 777 angel number is a divine guidance that on your journey, you are heading towards the right directions and aligning with your true self. You are on your path.

Music in this track : This soundscape has been designed using Harp and choir ambience and some experimental sounds such as beads on the hang drum to create ocean effect. Recorded and Produced in Meditative Mind Studios.

If you are looking for longer sleep track, we have created even soothing reverbed version of this track which is now available in the app. Also, entire series can be streamed without interruptions and ads for free in the app. https://meditativemind.page.link/mmapp.

We hope this track will help you. Do let us know in the comments below how did today's session go?

Audio and Music are copyright of Meditative Mind.
ⓒ ℗ 2009 - 2023 Meditative Mind®. All Rights Reserved.
Audio & Video for personal use only. Copying, re-uploading, sampling etc not permitted.

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ध्यान - Meditation
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