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7 Minutes Relaxing Meditation Music with Classical Touch and Positive Words by Mahatria

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Sit back, close your eyes and flow with fulfillment...
Celebrate life with music.

Feeling so complete
Feeling so complete unto myself
Feeling complete because of you
Feeling complete with you
Feeling complete unto myself
Feeling like a bird, as if the entire sky is mine
Feeling like a dolphin, as if the entire ocean is mine
Feeling like a dry leaf, as if the entire space is mine
Feeling so fulfilled, as if this entire life is mine
Flowing with fulfillment
Flowing with completeness
Felling complete because of you
Feeling complete with you
As if nothing needs to be added to this moment,
As if nothing needs to be removed from this moment,
Complete in itself
Feeling complete unto myself
Flowing with fulfillment

This relaxing meditation music with classical touch will help you feel calm and with positive words from Mahatria it will help you energize in 7 minutes.

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ध्यान - Meditation
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