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7 English Phrases Great Public Speakers never Say - Tips for Presentation skills & Public speaking

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7 Phrases Great Public Speakers Never Use – Tips Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
Do you give presentations? Maybe you are great with your public speaking and presentation skills. But wait, you might be using these 7 English phrases that might be turning your audience off. If you watch great public speakers, they would never use these phrases in their presentation. In this Skillopedia video you will learn 7 such phrases that may turn your audience away or put them off. Your life skills coach Niharika has come up with some great tips for Public speaking and presentation skills that would help you to present confidently to you audiences. Well, watch the complete video to find out what are the English phrases that you should remove from your vocabulary once and for all.
Skillopedia is the place where you learn skills for the real world. The objective of this channel is to make you confident and help you acquire skills that are required in today’s competitive world to stay ahead in the game. Here you would find videos related to communication skills, Improving your personality, self-confidence, Motivational hacks, Job interview skills and much more to make you shine in the real world.
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