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5 Aspects Every Successful Person Must MASTER | Mahatria on Self Mastery

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When you are successful - Money, Power, Fame, Position and Opposite sex will follow...
But an important question to ask yourself is are they in control of your life or are you in control them?
The trick to being peacefully successful in life is in mastering and gaining control over these 5 aspects, explains Mahatria.

Growth Sessions with Mahatria:
For over 2 decades Mahatria has been inspiring individuals to maximise human potential through weekly 'Growth Sessions'.
Recorded Webcast: https://www.infinitheism.com/recorded-webcast

About Mahatria:
Mahatria’s unique method of blending spiritual seeking with materialistic ambition is changing the way spirituality is experienced.

He has been empowering numerous individuals from industrialists and entrepreneurs, opinion makers, award-winning musicians, sports persons, educationalists and students to live a life of holistic abundance.

For over 2 decades, His relentless service through public discourses, residential retreats and digital webcasts have been inspiring millions across the globe.

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