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432Hz | A MILLION FIREFLIES | Raise Positive Vibrations | Manifest Miracles | Deepest Healing Music

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432Hz | A MILLION FIREFLIES | Raise Positive Vibrations | Manifest Miracles | Deepest Healing Music

Miracles are hidden in nature's tiniest little things. Ever wondered what a miracle firefly is? When I showed my little daughter firefly for the first time, she was awestruck, she asked me 100s of questions that night.. For her that was the greatest magical moment of her life. As she added that day to her "Best Day Ever" list. For her the world is filled with magic and miracles. And then, life happens and we loose our ability and curiosity to see these miracles happening around us every single day.

Here we send a million fireflies, to raise consciousness and energy, so that we do not get lost in our energy sucking routine.

Let's do a little experiment .... Let's all go out tonight, and try to find something magical around us... some fireflies, some shooting stars, some halo moons and miracles. Yes, when we look with right intention, we will find miracles too. And when we do find that miracle, lets write it down in our Best Day Ever list... And just this little act of finding something magical around us can raise our energy, bringing our souls closer to the one and attracts a million more miracles.

Here in Sydney, night will be falling in couple of hours... and that's my plan!! Do share with everyone what you found out tonight in the comments below?

Lots of love, blessings and positive energy to you all!!


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Music : @Dilpreet Bhatia
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Track Name : A Million Fireflies | 432Hz
ISRC : AUTMZ2110338
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ध्यान - Meditation
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