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144Hz | BIG TIBETAN Singing Bowl Sound Bath | The Deepest Healing Frequency | "Depths of Resonance"

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Recently we recorded the biggest singing bowl we could get. It's tuned to 144Hz ... and the frequency is super deep... If you are in the same room, you can feel the vibrations of the bowl travelling through your body and cleansing it throughout... We wanted to translate that experience ... that sound experience to the recording. And we hope this track help you and you feel the profound healing impact.

Chant the Magic Mantra "Aham Brahmasmi" along with this deepest healing sound track to connect your energy with the universe.

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Track Details
Title : Depths of Resonance
Performed & Produced by : @Dilp
ISRC : AUTMZ2310974
AP : AP0369
SeriesID : 1345
SKU : DdYXw5bUsF8

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ध्यान - Meditation
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