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Savera 1958 | Hindi full Movie | Ashok Kumar | Meena Kumari

Kundan ( Ashok Kumar ) is a medical student but just before getting the degree he got implicated in a murder charge and cannot finish his degree and takes the wrong path of crime. His neighbor and child hood friend Shanti ( Meena Kumari ) who Kundan grew up with was married to Kundan at the behest of her mother but they got separated after Kundan took the path of crime. Eventually, Kundan took the job of a taxi driver and befriended a bunch of hoods and continued with his criminal activities. In one of the trips in train he meets with a so called Swasmiji ( Bipin Gupta) who also is also involved in criminal activities. At the end of their train trip they met with a very severe rainstorm and Swamilji got trapped under a fallen tree. Kundan rescues him and takes to a nearby ashram where Kundan takes the role of the Swamiji and keeps injured swami in his room. Here Kundan meets with Meena Kumari who also works in the ashram and accidentally Meena Kumari identifies Ashok Kumar as her child hood husband from a cut in his hand which was inflicted by Meena Kumari. The story moves with various incidents and see for yourself the happy ending when Kundan and Shanti gets together again.
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