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Kalo Bou Shada Bou | কালো বউ সাদা বউ (Full Natok) Eagle Team | Iftekhar Ifti, Maya | Natok 2024

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Today's episode of "Kalo Bou Sada Bou" portrayed scenes from the hero's wedding, highlighting a family with two daughters, one fair and beautiful while the other dark-skinned. The maid, who is the central character, happens to be the heroine's cousin. There's also another dark-skinned man whose marriage repeatedly fails.

At one juncture, the maid faces humiliation due to the recurrent failure of the dark-skinned man's marriages, which somehow gets associated with her. Eventually, the family, without informing the girl, arranges her marriage to another man they find suitable. However, the protagonist remains unaware of the fact that divine justice doesn't favour wrongdoers.

In the end, it becomes evident that the maid, Kalozamai, deeply cares about the girl's fate, unlike the girl's father, who previously showed no interest. Realizing their mistake, the family apologizes for their actions

Presenting the official drama of Eagle Team “Kalo Bou Shada Bou” Script Written Shaheen Akter Swati Directed by Eagle Team. Produced by Kachi Ahmed.

Drama: CKalo Bou Shada Bou | কালো বউ সাদা বউ
Script: Shaheen Akter Swati
Cast: Iftekhar Ifti, Maya, Rezvena Moushumi, Eshika Shinjon Sharoj, Aklima Liza, Nayema Janatat, Khokon, Rafi
DOP: Noyon Molla
Edit: Shahin
Color: Junayed
Background Score: Ahsan Habib Chobi
Produced By: Kachi Ahmed

কালো বউ সাদা বউ নাটক —
Post: Eagle Creative House
Label: Eagle Music™

Kalo Bou Shada Bou© 2024 Eagle Music

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