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Hindi kahani काली बहू गोरी बहू | Saas Bahu ki Kahani | Hindi Moral Stories | Fairy tales in Hindi

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Hindi kahani Model बहू देसी बहू | hindi stories in short | story time | saas bahu | new story | kahaniya | New stories | Hindi Kahaniyan | sas bahu | sas bahu comedy | sas bahu kahaniyan

This is hindi story about "Black daughter in law Fair daughter in law" in hindi translation it says "Kali Bahu Gori Bahu" ( काली बहू गोरी बहू ). This Story about saas bahu and husband wife its means pati patni story and some touch of saas bahu comedy in our video it is hindi village and city mix stroy to tell how Indian woman live in there husband house and how there in laws treat them some time it good experience and some time it bed experience faces with there in-laws (saas, pati, nanad, jeth, jethani,devar, devrani or sasur). in comic way we tell all the story to entertain our audience so in free time they enjoy this saas bahu comedy videos or watch the hindi bedtime stories on there free time.


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