English Grammar Lesson - The difference between it’s and its ( Learn English )


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English Grammar Lesson - The difference between it’s and its.
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This English lesson clears the difference between ‘it’s and ‘its’. Both these words in English language sound the same but their usage is completely different in English Grammar and writing English . They cannot be used interchangeably in English writing.
1. It’s: is a contraction of It + is. ‘It’s’ is used in the present tense.
Example: It’s quite hot today.
Example: It’s going to rain.
Example: It’s a big jar.
Example: It’s too far to travel.
2. Its: is a possessive adjective. It shows possession.
Example: The dog is wagging its tail. ( using ‘it’s’ would not bring any meaning to the sentence)
Example: The dog is sleeping on its mat.
Example: the jar is big. Its lid is loose.
Example: The car has four tyres. One of its tyres is flat.
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