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Clean India and Win ₹1,00,000 | Champion Challenge by Dhruv Rathee

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Here is your chance to Win 1 Lakh while doing great for our country, our environment and our planet. This is the Champion Challenge. I designed this challenge with Afroz Shah, the man who led World’s Biggest Beach Cleaning Movement. Our aim is to motivate people to learn to segregate trash and reduce the amount of trash being produced by an individual. This will lead to a cleaner India and a cleaner Earth. This video is divided in three parts. First part gives 7 actionable steps to implement, for everyone in their lives. Second part is for people who feel embarrassed to participate in this challenge and the third part is for the champions who will take part. Please watch the complete video to understand everything about the challenge. Here are timestamps of doubts you may have -

1:46 Important for Everyone
7:00 How to Participate in the Contest?
8:56 Time Limit of the Contest
9:45 Safety Guidelines for Contestants
10:32 What to do with Garbage?
11:04 Who is Funding this Contest?
12:05 Rules on Winning the Prize Money
4:40 Feeling too Embarrassed?

Terms and Conditions: The Champion Challenge is run on a good faith basis. All conditions at the ground level must be specifically looked in to by the contestant before participating in the cleanup. While participating in the challenge, here are some pointers:

i. Area of cleanup is to be selected by the participant at his discretion .
ii. Weekly updates (or minimum two videos) to be provided by participant by appropriate tagging on social media, as described in video.
iii. The cleanup will done by taking all necessary precautions-
a. Wearing of safety shoes / gumboots
b . Wearing of Safety mask, preferably N92 specification or higher .
c. Wearing of appropriate safety gloves (and not disposable one time gloves)
d. Site selected for the cleanup must be such that it should not cause any health issues / hazard to participant in the cleanup. It is the responsibility of the contestant to make sure that site is not health hazard to him or any person connected with the cleanup.
iv. The participant should be over the age of 18. No person below the age of the age of 18 is allowed to participate in the Champion Challenge.
v. The organisers are not responsible for any untoward happening or health hazard or an act of god - as it is the responsibility of the contestant to make sure that the cleanup is carried out in safe and secure surrounding.
vi. The contestant indemnifies the organisers against any untoward incident including but not limited to health hazards.
vii. The prize money is won by the individual but will be used for some community project in his town/city. The prize money will be transferred once the community project is finalised by the winner and approved by the organiser

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