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Babara Amoni Hoy | বাবারা এমনই হয় (Full Natok) Eagle Team| Iftekhar Ifti,Sagorika| Bangla Natok 2024

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What you will see in today's story: The platform of the story is in the love of father and son. Where is the love of short stories. The father sweats his blood and prepares food for the child, but the child does not listen to the father's words. But loving the father also reveals the son's love for the father which creates distance for the society. In the society, the father has to be reprimanded for the child's crime, the father has to get the shoelace,With which the whole village has to be insulted. In the story, you will also see a unique example of the sweet memory of father and son. At the end of the day what we will learn is that just as the father's burdens for the child do not dare to carry, so the father's coster for the child knows no bounds.

Presenting the official drama of Eagle Team “Babara Amoni Hoy” Script Written Iftekhar Ifti Directed by Eagle Team Produced by Kachi Ahmed.

"তোমায় ভালোবাসি বাবা" গান -https://youtu.be/BY47nysdmMg

Drama: Babara Amoni Hoy | বাবারা এমনই হয়
Script: Iftekhar Ifti
Cast: Iftekhar Ifti, Sagorika Islam Minha, Mohammad Jahangir Kabir, Eshika Shinjon Sharoj, Harun Mama, Selim, Najmul, Emon, Parvase
DOP: Md Roni
Edit: Anik Islam
Color: Junayed
Background Score: Ankur Mahamud
Produced By: Kachi Ahmed

বাবারা এমনই হয় নাটক —
Post: Eagle Creative House
Label: Eagle Music™

Babara Amoni Hoy© 2024 Eagle Music

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