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Art + Tech Summit: The A.I. Revolution | Christie’s

This year’s summit explores the ways in which artificial intelligence is making its impact in the art world, as well as addressing its potential implications for the future.
Presented by: Hyundai
Supported by: Gucci
List of talks:
00:14 Opening Remarks
Jen Zatorski, President, Christie's Americas
Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor Company
Anne Bracegirdle, Associate Vice President, Art+Tech
08:09 A Breakdown of A.I. and its Impact
Gideon Lichfield, Editor-in-Chief, MIT Technology Review
23:28 Machine Learning and Analytics: Predictions for the Art Market
Jason Bailey, Chief Art Nerd, Founder of Artnome
41:01 A.I. Tools for the Art Market
Dr. Ahmed Elgammel, Founder and CEO, Artendex
Daniel Doubrovkine, Artist and Former CTO, Artsy
1:00:50 Panel Discussion: Emerging Technologies and the Future of the Museum
Moderator: Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, CEO and Co-Founder of Vastari
Brendan Ciecko, CEO of Cuseum
Stephanie Pereira, Director, NEW INC., New Museum
Maria Kessler, Sr. Program Manager, Digital Partnerships, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Simon Delacroix, U.S. Lead, Google Arts & Culture
01:44:08 Intelligent Design
Anne Bracegirdle, Associate Vice President, Art+Tech
Andrew Moir, Design Manager, Hyundai Design North America
01:58:50 Blockchain Revisited: Where We Are Now
Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director, ConsenSys
02:17:50 The A.I. Landscape in the Art World
Christiane Paul, Director/Chief Curator, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Parsons/The New School, Adjunct Curator of Digital Art, Whitney Museum of American Art
02:40:47 A.I. as Creative Process: Artists at Work
Michael Tyka, Artist and Software Engineer, Google
03:00:35 Artists in Conversation: Machine Learning in Artistic Practice
Moderator: Eva Kozanecka, Artists and Machine Intelligence Program, Co-Lead, Google
Artist: Martha Fiennes, filmmaker and artist of Yugen
03:22:23 The Legal Implications of A.I.: Regulation and Copyright
Ed Klaris, Managing Partner, Klaris Law PLLC.
03:43:45 Artists in Conversation: Machine Learning in Artistic Practice
Moderator: Jason Bailey, Chief Art Nerd, Founder of Artnome
Artist: Robbie Barrat
04:04:30 Future as Past: Archiving, Preservation and New Media Arts
Ben Fino-Radin, Founder and Lead Conservator, Small Data Industries
04:21:02 Panel Discussion: Collecting Art in the Digital Age
Moderator: Marion Maneker, Publisher of Art Market Monitor
Kevin Abosch, Artist
Angela B. Redai, ARTBLX, VP of Strategy & Art Partnerships
Kelani Nichole, Founder of TRANSFER Gallery
04:59:27 Exploring the Ethics of A.I. and Its Social Impact
Amy Whitaker, Assistant Professor, NYU Steinhardt, and author of Art Thinking
05:19:15 The Future of A.I.: What Next?
Kenric McDowell, Artists + Machine Intelligence Program Co-Lead, Google
05:41:55 Closing Remarks & Reception
Lexy Schmertz, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Christie’s
This June, the 2019 Art+Tech Summit: The A.I. Revolution is held in conjunction with Christie’s Education and presented by Hyundai. Convening top tech minds and innovators from Google, M.I.T. Technology Review, the New Museum and more, the Summit will offer a comprehensive programme of lectures, talks and panel discussions on a topic transforming the global landscape.
This year’s accompanying exhibition includes the New York premiere of a moving-image artwork Yugen, by filmmaker and artist Martha Fiennes, featuring the actor Salma Hayek Pinault and made possible with generous support by Gucci.
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