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Amazon का CEO Jeff Bezos कैसे अपने अरबों रुपयें खर्च करता है How Jeff Bezos Spends Billions

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Hello friends, did you know that world's richest man and Amazon CEO "Jeff Bezos" has only two non-luxurious car? And despite this, he is working on a brand new project of taking people to Space. And you won't believe me, but when Jeff divorced his wife Mackenzie Scott, she became the fourth richest lady in the world. I mean, how much wealth does Jeff Bezos really have with him? And are you aware, that Jeff is actually a very special shareholder of Google company? Or that Barack Obama and Ivanka Trump are his neighbors? And apart from Amazon, he owns more 15 big companies?

So well, without wasting a moment, stay tuned throughout our video and know how Jeff Bezos spends his billions.

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Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, richest man in the world
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