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432Hz 》STRONG POSITIVE ENERGY FLOW 》Deep Shamanic Drums + Big Tibetan Singing Bowls 》CHI FLOW MUSIC

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》Positive Energy Flow
》Deep Shamanic Drums + Big Tibetan Singing Bowls
》Nature's Miracle Tone
》Feel Nature's Energy
》Birds & Water Sounds

Some Tips to Bring Positive Energy in your House and Surroundings.

1. Place a beautiful natural plant and light on either side of the door.
2. Keep the hallway clutter free so that air and energy can circulate. To further help in the circulation of good chi or positive energy, place fresh flowers in the hallway.
3. Do not obstruct any doors with furniture. To promote wealth and abundance, place a lamp in a corner the living room.
4. Burn white sage and spread the smoke in the 4 corners of all the rooms to encourage healing energy flow.
5. Play some positive energy music at a very low volume in your living room to have those positive sound vibrations fill the surroundings. If you can play a simple natural instrument yourself, that can also help a lot.

Today's Music is inspired by a mystery cavern - imagine waterfalls, birds, a magical tree and some mysterious lights. And a Deep Shamanic Drum playing at a distance, and meditating alongside a stream of water with the gentle sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

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ध्यान - Meditation
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