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432Hz 》COSMIC SOUNDBATH 》Expand Your Inner Universe 》Raise Positive Energy

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》Expand Your Inner Universe
》Raise Positive Energy

The inspiration behind the audio and visuals is the recently released first ever picture of black-hole. The place where no matter or no light can escape. everything is broken into a singularity. in that place of the universe, there is no difference between a living matter or a dust particle. meditate on this. and it just puts everything at ease. it puts a smile on our face. you immediately feel connected to everything and everyone around you. You are the universe and the universe is inside of you. Everything you do has that tiny little impact on this universe and everything else around the universe has an impact on us.

With purifying sound of water and expanding cosmic sound based on 432Hz - we hope this calm soundscape will help you.

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ध्यान - Meditation
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